Next Level Concierge Care

Their doctors have multiple Board Certifications and advanced training in many different fields, both in Traditional Western Medicine and in leading edge Integrative and Functional Medicine. Next Level Concierge Care offers the best of both and tailor the services they provide to provide what makes sense to you.


Dr. Angela O’Neil
Dr. Robert Sheeler

Dr. Sheeler and Dr. O’Neil practiced Family Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for 20 years. They have practiced in smaller towns prior to their time at Mayo. Their training and experience in Family Medicine range from staffing an emergency room in a small town alone to coordinating care with multiple specialists in large tertiary referral medical centers. While at Mayo Clinic as Medical School Faculty they both trained physicians in many specialties who now practice throughout the country.

Dr. Sheeler has special interest and experience headache and migraine disorders.

From their site:

Our care is designed to be the best of both Traditional Western Medical Care and leading edge functional and integrative medicine approaches. We provide a spectrum of options and let you choose which ways of addressing problems is best suited to your needs and your philosophy. In addition to Traditional Western Medicine grounded in our years of experience working at Mayo Clinic our care is informed by and may include a spectrum of other practices. These may include approaches such as T’ai Chi [Taiji], Qigong, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Hypnosis, Biofeedback, Inner Relationship Focusing Mind-Body Work and Anti-Fragility approaches to health and healing and Narrative Medicine


10250 N. 92nd Street Suite 210 Scottsdale, Arizona 85258