Organic Pastures

  • Pasture-raised cows
  • Certified humane raised and handled
  • Grassfed cows
  • Sustainable farm that uses solar powered electricity and regenerative farming practices
  • No antibiotics

From their website:

In the case that one of our healthy cows needs a treatment, we have several homemade natural, organic treatments. For example: if a cow has an infection, we treat her with a garlic tincture and several immune-boosting homeopathic treatments. Our favorite, most soothing treatment is our essential oil and herbal tea combination that is given to our baby calves for upset stomach. For comfort measures, we use homeopathic remedies such as Belladonna, Hypercium, Aconite, and Calendula to name a few. During times of illness, our cows are cared for in our hospital pen, which separates them from the rest of the herd. This allows us to monitor them very closely and prevent the potential spread of illness to our healthy cows.

Our family feels honored to live on such a magnificent, bountiful and rich land. We were organic before organic became a ?thing?. The bugs, birds, and native eco-system are kept in harmony. While touring our farm you can enjoy our slice of natural habitat.

7221 South Jameson Ave
Fresno, California 93706
Business Phone Number: 1 (877) RAW-MILK