Trifecta Method Coaching

(Located within the Ranch Therapy Group offices)
By Appointment Only

Timothy Givan is an Integrative and Functional, Fitness and Mind-body Nutritionist. Timothy uses a leading edge, evidence based, biological and biochemical approach to client care, focusing on detecting and identifying the root causes of singular or multiple conditions, and correcting the system imbalances to significantly improve client health outcomes. He specializes in using his understanding of the nutrients from foods in their whole form, supplemental nutrients, physical exercise and fitness, and modernly validated forms of ancient mind-body wisdom, to address body re-composition (gains in lean muscle, and losses in body fat.

His mission is to help clients to recalibrate their behaviors to support a sustainable, healthy, and happy lifestyle, on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Timothy is an open minded practitioner, and works with all people, of all genders, ethnic backgrounds and Religious/Spiritual and non-Religious/Spiritual beliefs.

Timothy is a Certified Nutrition Therapist (CNTP), educated at the well-known, and highly respected Nutrition Therapy Institute, and is currently working towards becoming a Master Nutrition Therapist. He is also a Qigong Instructor, going into his third year of teaching, with close to eighteen years of Qigong experience. His instructor training has come from two venerable teachers, from two separate schools of Qigong knowledge, and his experience has come from years of training with five highly respected teachers, and three Qigong Masters.

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