Twelve Wellness

Specializing in:

  • Holistic nutrition to support addiction recovery
  • Holistic treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction with food and fitness
  • Nutrition for mind, body and soul

From their website:

The primary focus of a holistic nutritionist is to motivate clients to consume nutrient-dense foods that are whole, locally sourced, produced in an ethical manner, and eaten in-season. Food should be chosen and prepared in a manner consistent to one’s heritage (country of origin, belief system, upbringing), current health status (clinical and sub-clinical), wellness goals (physical, psychological, spiritual), and resources (time, energy, money). Such foods are uniquely able to support digestion and assimilation; increase and stabilize energy production; promote weight loss and weight management; and promise true nourishment and lasting vitality.


Odessa, Texas 79762
Business Phone Number: (512) 750-1705